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We, the people of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, are a diverse community devoted to Jesus the Christ. Our mission together is to give thanks and praise to God, spread the Gospel and teach the Bible message of God’s love for all creation.

Second Sunday of Lent

     Segundo Domingo de Cuaresma

February 25, 2024

     25 de febrero de 2024

"This is my beloved Son. Listen to him."

"Éste es mi Hijo amado; escúchenlo".

Fr. Raj's Bulletin Article

Participation in the Glory of Christ…

Today’s Gospel, according to the Second Sunday of Lent, invites us to contemplate the Transfiguration of Jesus. This episode is related to what had happened six days earlier, when Jesus had revealed to his disciples that in Jerusalem he would “suffer many things, and be rejected by the elders and the chief priests and the scribes, and be killed, and after three days rise again”. This message led to crisis for Peter and the entire group of disciples, who rejected the idea that Jesus would be scorned by the leaders of the people and then put to death. Indeed, they were waiting for a powerful, strong, dominating Messiah, whereas Jesus presented himself as a humble and gentle servant of God, and servant of mankind, who would offer his life in sacrifice, passing by way of persecution, suffering and death. But how could one follow a Master and Messiah whose earthly existence was to end in that way? That is what they were thinking. And the answer came precisely from the Transfiguration. What is the Transfiguration of Jesus? It is a preliminary Paschal apparition.


Jesus took with him the three disciples Peter, James and John, “and led them up a high mountain”; and there, for a moment, he showed them his glory, the glory of the Son of God. This event of the Transfiguration thus allowed the disciples to confront Jesus’ Passion in a positive way, without being overwhelmed. They saw him as he would be after the Passion: glorious. And in this way Jesus prepared them for the trial. The Transfiguration helps the disciples, and us too, to understand that the Passion of Christ is a mystery of suffering, but it is above all a gift of love, of infinite love on Jesus’ part.


The event of Jesus transfiguring himself on the mountain enables us to better understand his Resurrection. In order to understand the Mystery of the Cross, it is necessary to know ahead of time that the One who suffers and who is glorified is not only a man, but is the Son of God who, with his love faithful to the end, saved us. In this way the Father renews his messianic declaration about the Son, which he had made previously on the bank of the River Jordan after his Baptism, exhorting: “listen to him”. The disciples are called to follow the Master with trust, with hope, notwithstanding his death; the divinity of Jesus must be made manifest precisely on the Cross, precisely in his dying “in that way”, so that here Mark the Evangelist places in the mouth of the centurion the profession of faith: “Truly this man was the Son of God!”.


Let us now turn in prayer to the Virgin Mary, the human creature transfigured interiorly by Christ’s grace. Let us confidently entrust ourselves to her maternal support in order to continue with faith and generosity the journey of Lent. [Synthesized from Pope Francis Angelus 25 II 2018]

-Rev Rajesh

Deacon John's Homily Second Sunday of Lent

2ND Sunday of Lent – B – Transfiguration


The Transfiguration:  What a blessing for Peter, James and John !!

Can you imagine – seeing Moses and Elijah ?  Hearing the Voice of God ?  Seeing Jesus Transfigured before their eyes…


Our gospel said Jesus' clothes "became dazzling white."   The evangelist Mark used the Greek word "stilbein" – which was used to describe the brilliance of the sun.


My friends – the Transfiguration of Jesus happened at a stage in his public ministry when his enemies were closing in on him – plotting to kill him.  Just prior to the Transfiguration, Jesus told his disciples that soon he would be arrested and killed by the religious leaders.  When Peter heard this, he protested visibly.  Jesus sharply corrected him – telling him that he was seeing things from a purely human point of view.


The Transfiguration opened the eyes of Peter – and James and John and gave them a glimpse of the world – from above – from God’s perspective.


The Transfiguration allowed them to see that – in spite of the death sentence hanging over the head of Jesus:  God was still with him. God was still in control. 


Now – some critics said the disciples only saw a vision – and that Moses and Elijah were not really there – talking to Jesus.  Peter addressed these people in the Second Book of Peter:

"We actually saw – with our own eyes – the transfigured majesty of Jesus. 

We ourselves heard the voice of God come from the cloud - on that holy mountain: 'This is my beloved Son.  Listen to him.' "


When Peter wrote this book – he knew that his death as a martyr was coming soon.  Remembering the Transfiguration gave him strength to endure.


Scripture scholars say that Moses and Elijah were there because:

Moses represented the law.       Elijah represented the Prophets.


Peter, James and John were there as witnesses to the fulfillment of the Law and the Prophets – taking place in the person of Jesus – as he appeared in glory.  Jesus is the perfect balance of both the Law and the Prophets.


We've heard Jesus say, "I did not come to abolish the Law.  Rather – to fulfill the Law.


We've also seen Jesus break the Law when he healed someone – or forgave someone's sins – on a SabbathOr – when Jesus defended his disciples when they were picking grain on a Sabbath – because they were hungry.


In our own life – we also – are challenged to find the balance between the Law and doing what is right... 

·         The Law says that abortion and the death penalty are legal.  But – does that make it right??

·         In 1955 – Rosa Parks broke the law and was arrested.  Thank God for Rosa Parks.  That bus ride changed history.


My friends – the words and events of the Gospels are not – way out there – in some abstract place.  They're right here – very relevant in our own life. 


So – how can weWhere can we ?  …have this Transfiguration experience?  Our Sunday worship is a good starting point.


Sometimes, what is happening in our life – in the world – can really bring us down.  Sometimes, it's really hard to cope with everything.  But at Mass – we have the singular experience of looking one another in the eye and calling them “brothers and sisters.”   


We have the presence of God in our readings.  We have the presence of Jesus the Christ in the Eucharist.  This is indeed a – Transfiguration.


The challenge for us is to live in the light of this awareness.

The challenge to take to heart the words of God at the Transfiguration:  This is my beloved Son.  Listen to him.”


Listen and take to heart the words Jesus spoke so many times: 

Love God with all our heart, mind and soul.

Love our neighbor as we love our self…

“You pray for the hungry. Then you feed them. 

This is how prayer works.” Pope Francis

“Before you speak of peace, you must first have it in your heart.”    –Francis of Assisi 

“Antes de hablar de paz, primero debes tenerla en tu corazón”.   –Francisco de Asís

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 Rev. Luis Segura M.S.C. – Pastor

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